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Solar Energy & Danlong

At Danlong Hammocks ,we strive to be greener every day, in both terms of production and sales.

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The 130th Canton Fair 2021, 23rd-27th October 2021

We continue to develop, grow and strengthen our customer relationships and kindly invite you to the upcoming trade show.

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A partial end customer review of the Hammock Combo

1.”Love this hammock!Very comfortable to sit in it or to lay down in it.Did not notice any bad odor to it as someone else mentioned.And I have sensitive nose for those things.Very well packed and I appreciate the spare parts as well.It was I little toug

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Amazon then and now: Looking back at the e-commerce giant and 20 years of change

Amazon.com is a Fortune 500 e-commerce company based in Seattle, Washington, and has the distinction of being one of the first large companies to sell goods over the internet. In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, which launched the following year.

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How to choose the hammock for camping?

Hammocks can be divided into single hammocks and double hammocks. Double hammocks are larger, more comfortable, and have more space to use. The length of the hammock is basically fixed, about 2 meters, basically can meet the needs of most people. If you a

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New Opportunities During the COVID-19 — Analysis of Outdoor Furniture Market

In the context of the COVID-19, the governments of various countries have successively introduced home quarantine policies and regulations, and the demand for goods for socializing, gathering, and traveling has decreased sharply. But people are spending m

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